Rolling work and heavy setting

Kersten is known as a specialist in the field of rolling and heavy press braking. We manufacture the most complex forms from ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Kersten rolls sheets from 1 to 120 mm thick using a complete series of 3 and 4 roller machines. Thicker sheets up to 150 mm are set with the 2400T PowerPress, a powerful press braker. Kersten Europe has invested in heavy plate bending to turn even the thickest plates to cylinders and cones. However, you can also come to us for more complex shapes such as gradients from straight to round.

With specific requirements such as a specific wear or corrosion and/or heat resistance, special alloys such as Cruesabro, Hardox, Duplex, Inconel and Cladmaterialen can be processed by Kersten.

If you have a specific question about heavy setting or steel rolling work, please contact us to ask about the available options at or Tel. +31- (0)478 - 537 111.

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