Tube rolling, beam rolling, section rolling

Kersten machine parks are equipped with a range of powerful bending machines, including multiple profile rolling machines. Rolling is one of the most common cold bending methods for tubes, beams and sections.

For tube rolling, beam rolling and section rolling we use our advanced three roller machines. These machines have three rolls on top, of which two are adjustable.


The tube rolling process:

The animated video below shows the process of rolling tubes. 


A straight tube or section (beam or column) is being placed between the three rolls of the machine. The left roll moves a little bit towards the center roll. The tube is guided through the rolls and forms into a curve. Then the right roll slightly moves a little bit to the center roll and the profile is guided through the rolls again. The radius of the curve gradually becomes tighter. This rolling process continues until the required radius has been reached. 

As you can see in the video, both ends of the profile will stay straight. This is called overlength and needs to be removed afterwards (unless straight legs are required). Cutting is done by an advanced plasma / oxy fuel robot. The robot cuts the overlenght from both ends of the profile, with a 3D contour if required.

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