Roll bending

Roll bending or rolling is the most cost efficient and flexible bending methods in most cases. It can be used for nearly any kind of metal plate or profile. The basic principle for plate rolling and profile or section rolling is simular; the straight product moves through three or four adjustable rolls and gradually forms into the new desired shape.


Plate rolling

Rolling steel, stainless steel and aluminium plates into cones, cylinders or segments is done with a plate rolling machine with three of four rolls. Kersten rolls metal sheets and plates in various material grades and plate thicknesses of 1 to 140 mm and a width of up to 3500mm. Click here for our plate rolling capacities. Thicker plates can be bent with the 2400T Power Press.

There is no extra bending allowance required for sheets of up to 40 mm. Thicker plates require an extra length. Our specialists can help you determine how much extra bending allowance is needed and how to minimize this. 

The rolling process is shown in the following animation. It shows the cutting of the gross material (including weld preparation), followed by rolling, welding the longitudinal seam, calibration and the application of a 3D cut contour. 


Rolling profiles, tubes and sections

Beam rolling, section rolling, tube rolling

Tubes, sections and beams can be bent with a profile rolling machine. There are many different applications, such as architectural construction, facades, transportation, machinery, industrial equipment, offshore, etc.It is possible to roll profiles in a 2D or 3D shape. 

The video below shows the steel rolling process of a tube. This bending process is used for rolling stainless steel, aluminium or special steels such as Inconel, Hardox and S690 and for tubes, pipes and other types of profiles. The video shows a tube being rolled in the machine and how the additional bending allowance is determined. After the bending process the additional bending allowance is removed and a complex 3D contour cut is made by robot cutting technology. 


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