Zayed National Museum - Mockup

The Zayed National Museum is a unique building in honour of Sheikh Zayed. The museum tells the story of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918–2004), his unification of the United Arab Emirates, the long history of the region and its cultural connections across the world.

Twelve leading architectural firms from ten different countries submitted designs for the Zayed National Museum in an international design competition. The winning design comes from the London-based architects Foster + Partners.

Inspired by the dynamic of flight and the feathers of a falcon, the design reflects Sheikh Zayed's love of falconry and creates an iconic symbol for the nation. Cutting-edge design, materials and construction methods are combined to create a spectacular addition to the Saadiyat Island skyline.

Each steel feather, the tallest of which rises 125 metres, will contain a gallery space where visitors can explore the history and culture of the UAE. The building will be surrounded by water and set within landscaped gardens, creating a destination for all and a worthy tribute to the memory of Sheikh Zayed.


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Kersten Middle East

The Zayed National Museum is a beautifully designed building with lots of curved shapes. Kersten Middle East has been awarded 3-dimensional bent tubes 48.5x5mm, 101.6x6mm and 193.7x8mm for the mock-up of this building.

3D-bending is a very complex bending technique which requires a lot of experience and state-of-the-art bending machines.

Kersten Middle East bent steel tubes 48.3x5mm, 101.6x6mm and 193.7x8mm 3 dimensional at the Ras Al Khaimah production plant. All tubes had to be bent in several different radii. No tube was the same. Some tubes even had over 13 different radii.

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