Warsaw Spire

Warsaw Spire

Warsaw Spire is a Ghelamco project development in Warsaw's city centre. Created with the vision in which office space is harmoniously combined with a unique approach to modern urban space. The project's location is one of the most dynamically developing parts of capital, with modern office buildings and prestigious residential projects, as well as excellent transport, including trams, buses and a second metro line under construction.

The complex includes a 220-metre high tower building (48 levels) and 2 lower buildings, each of 55 metres in height (15 levels).  Together, they will provide approximately 100,000 m2 of office space equipped with the latest technical solutions.

Warsaw Spire is more than just a modern office space. Unlike any other office complex in Warsaw, it will include unique urban spaces that are accessible to all Warsaw residents. The vast patio inside the complex is the first of its kind to be incorporated into an office complex of this scale. This area will be filled with carefully designed greenery, elements of small architecture, fountains and leisure amenities. The ground floors of the buildings are dedicated to restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and services, etc. Which also means that Warsaw Spire will continue to be alive and vibrant after working hours.

More information: www.warsawspire.com
Watch the video: www.ghelamco.com


Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe Poland supplied over 500 Tonnes of curved beams to be used in the main tower. We have bent and welded the beams for the steel support structure for the glass facade. Besides bending and welding the beams, Kersten Europe took care of surface treatments and transport of the curved beams to the construction site in Warsaw. 


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