Tiger and Turtle -Magic mountain-

Kersten Europe bent construction for the world’s first roller coaster for pedestrians

“Tiger and Turtle, the magic mountain” is a unique art object by the German artists Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter.

A roller coaster for pedestrians, that is the idea behind the impressive design of the German artists duo. Visitors walk the Tiger and Turtle by foot while enjoying the breath taking view over the Rurh area.

The first impression you get by looking at the construction is a fast roller coaster, but when taking a closer look, it appears to be a unique designed path way.

The name “Tiger and Turtle” reflects the contrast between the speed and acceleration of a roller coaster and the relaxing step-by-step discovery of the environment.

Kersten Europe

Main construction : The constantly evolving three dimensional contour of the Tiger and Turtle has been bent by Kersten Europe. Large thick-walled tubes (Ø 323,9 x 30 / 25mm) are cut to length with welding edge preparation. The tubes are welded together to lengths of 12,750mm with conical side-to-side connections on one end of the tubes.

Each tube is provided with a hole and a lid on behalf of the power cables. Besides that, each tube has a stutze connection to tube Ø 244mm

Hand railing : Kersten Europe bent the hand railing. Profiles are 3D bent with a total length of 420 meters netto with overlength.


watch video:

photo credits: Tumarkin Igor - ITPS / Shutterstock.com

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