Thanet Offshore Wind Farm I and II

Kersten Europe bends J-tubes, bellmouths and platform section for Thanet Offshore Wind Farm.

Thanet Offshore Wind Farm is located at 11 km off the British coast of Thanet district of Kent. The wind farm is operational since September 2010. Back then, it was the world's largest offshore wind park with 100 turbines. The wind park covers an area of 35 km².

The total capacity is 300MW, sufficient to supply approximately 200.000 British households with clean energy.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe bent the J-tube constructions and external platforms for Thanet I and II.


Full nameThanet Offshore Wind Farm
Coordinates51.430° / 1.633°
CountryUnited Kingdom
WaterNorth Sea
TypeOffshore Wind Farm
Total capacity300 MW
DescriptionJ-tube constructions and maintenance platforms


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