Spud piles

7 meters long cylinders with a weight of 72T each left the Dutch production plant in Wanssum.

Kersten Europe produced a total of four cylinders of 37 meters long plus four shorter cylinders of 14 meters. Our customer will weld them together to reach a total length of 51 meters.

They'll be used as spud piles for a jack-up barge. A floating platform to provide maintenance work to offshore wind mills. As soon as the ponton reaches its destination, the four spudpiles will lower down to the bottom of the sea to anchor. The maintenance platform will rise by a self-lifting system so that the maintenance can take place at the correct height of the wind mill without having to deal with turbulent water.

Thanks to the recent investments in the machinepark this was a nice project for Kersten Europe. We cut, rolled and welded the cylinders.

Watch the video:


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