Skyrush roller coaster

Intamin Wing coaster ‘Skyrush’ in Hersheypark

Skyrush is an Intamin Wing Coaster with winged seating at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It opened to the general public in May 2012. Skyrush is Hersheypark's 12th roller coaster, and its third coaster made by Intamin. Skyrush features a 62 m lift, with a cable lift that brings the train up at 27 km/h.
Skyrush has a 1200m yellow track and light blue support columns. Skyrush's trains are the first of their type in the world. Each train weighs 13 tons and has 32 seats in rows. Two seats are regular, over-the-track seats, and two seats are hanging over the sides of the track, which is why Skyrush's motto is "Ride the Edge". Skyrush's top speed is 125 km/h.
The winged seats significantly change a rider’s perspective and make the surrounding environment more a part of the coaster – the 270˚ panoramic view makes the experience different from any other coaster.

The new Wing Coaster "Skyrush" won the Brass Ring Awards 2012 for Best New Product and is what every coaster fan has been waiting for: smoothness, excitement, high-speed and breath taking features combined with a new seating and restraint concept.


Kersten Europe

For the top part of the Skyrush Roller Coaster Kersten Europe bent 30x HEA500 profiles over the X-axis. Besides the bending, Kersten Europe cut, drilled and carried out surface treatments to the profiles.
The bent profiles had to fit seamlessly. Three profiles have been attached on top of each other to create the roller coaster construction.


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