Riffgat High Voltage Station

Kersten Europe has been awarded the complete J-tube construction for Riffgat High Voltage Station.

Riffgat Offshore is a 30 turbines-wind farm covering an area of 6 km². The maximum capacity is 108MW, which equals the energy demand of 100.000 German households.

The wind turbines are connected to the 33/155kV High Voltage Station. It is fully commissioned by mid. 2013.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe delivers the complete J-tube constructions for Riffgat High Voltage Station.

The latest generation of profile bending machines is used for bending the J-tubes. For the bellmouths, Kersten Europe cuts unfolded segments using plasma. The segments are rolled into cones of various dimensions and provided with welding edge preparations. The cones are welded together by using UP or Mig-Mag welding processes. A guiding ring is attached to the wide end of the bellmouth to secure a smooth transition for the cables to enter. The narrow end of the bellmouth is welded onto the J-tube.

Full nameRiffgat High Voltage Station
Coordinates53.692º / 6.475º
WaterNorth Sea
TypeHigh Voltage Station
Total capacity108MW
DescriptionComplete J-tube constructions


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