Residence Palace

Residence Palace is a historic art déco building which undergoes a total renovation and expansion. Kersten Europe has been awarded to deliver the ellipse shaped floor parts and the mullions.

Residence Palace is located in the business district “Leopoldswijk” in Brussels. It is an art deco building from 1923 and functions mainly as a press centre for European organizations.

The Brussels’ architect agency Samijn & Partners made a contemporary design for the renovation and expansion of Résidence Palace. Because of the remarkable oval shape of the design it also called “The Egg”.

The building will also be the first in Belgium to be continuously monitored by environmental auditors, it will have solar panels on the roof and recycle rain water.

The renovation and expansion started in 2009 and is expected to be finished by med. 2013. The new Residence Palace shall function as the accommodation for the Council of the European Union and for top meetings of the European Heads of State and Government.


Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe has been awarded the bending of the ellipse shaped floor parts and the mullions of Residence Palace. The mullions to connect to the facades (excising of 3D shaped glass), are made out of three bent tubes. This is a very complex bending technique wit very strict tolerance levels. Every segment is bend in 5 – 10 radia. The mullions are cut to size and fitted with fixing plates.


Photo credits: pbombaert /

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