Rentel OWF

Kersten bends primary and secondary steel for Rentel OWF


Bending specialist Kersten manufactures a variety of bent components for offshore applications and has a proven track record in Offshore Wind. For the Rentel Offshore Wind Farm Kersten produced both primary and secondary steel components.


Rentel OWF

Rentel is an offshore wind farm to be developed in the Belgian North Sea. The 42 wind turbines are 20 meters high and have a 7 meters diameter monopile foundation. The total capacity of 309 MW equals to the power consumption of 300.000 households.


Cone segments for MPs & TPs

Kersten produced a total of 120 cone segments for Rentel’s monopiles and transition pieces. The gross plates (thickness 75 and 80mm) have been cut to size (10 x 3 metres) with weld preparation on the cutting portal with a 3 burner unit. The cone templates were then moved to the 2400T PowerPress, a powerful press braker, to bend the plates into 180° cone segments. The cones weigh up to 19.3T each.


Anode cage rings

Anode cage rings are placed around each monopile to protect the steel foundation against corrosion. Kersten’s scope of work for the anode cage rings consists of bending and cutting tubes for the 42 anode cages. A total of 252 steel tubes (323.9x16mm) have been bent in a 120° curve and cut to size with welding preparation by using robot technology with oxy fuel burners.


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