Rabobank head quarters

Rabobank Head Quarters

The Rabobank head quarters is located at the “Croeselaan” in the city of Utrecht. Because of the remarkable shape of the building it is also called “the telescope”. The building is 105 meters high and has 27 storeys of office space. It is the tallest office building in the city.

Constructions began in 2007. The head quarters opened in June 2011.


Kersten Europe

Both for the main structure of the building as for the foot bridge Kersten Europe delivered the bent profiles. HEA 140 and HEM160 profiles have been bent over the x-axis on behalf of the bridge.

For the head office Kersten Europe bent RHS 250x250x10, 400x200x16 (x-axis), 300x200x16 (x-axis) and UNP400.


Photo credtis: hans engbers / Shutterstock.com

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