Public transport terminal The Hague

During the coming years, The Hague Central Station building will be completely renovated and transformed into a junction for all types of public transport. Since an increasing number of people will be using the station in the future, this new Public Transport Terminal is essential. Even now, more than 190,000 people use the station every day.

This number is expected to double during the next ten years as a result of the Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris High-Speed Rail Line (HSL) and the RandstadRail tram. Passengers and visitors also attach increasing importance to comfort and to attractive shops and cafés in and around the station. Our fantastic new station - The Hague’s brand-new Public Transport Terminal - will be completed in mid-2014.


Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe has been asked to deliver 8 oval cones on behalf of the Public transport terminal. Steel plates (th=25mm) have been rolled into cones. The dimensions are 1055 x 801 x 1032 x 788 mm.



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