Princess Noura University

Princess Noura University

Princess Noura University  is a women's university in Saudi Arabia, composed out of 32 campuses across the Riyadh region. The university was founded as Riyadh University for Women in 1970. The new campus opened its doors in May 2011. It can accommodate 40.000 students and 12.000 employees.

The campus spreads over 8 million square meters, including a new library which will hold 4.5 million books. There are 800 buildings and ten gates between Riyadh and the university campus. In addition to housing for university staff and students, it features mosques, schools and kindergarten for children, and recreation and sports facilities. It is one of the ten largest universities in the world and the largest university for women.

Kersten Europe

The construction of the bent canopy at the sports area has been bent by Kersten Europe. Kersten Europe bent tubes Ø110x4mm and cut these to length.

source: wikipedia

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