OWF Windfloat Atlantic

Offshore wind turbines are often built on monopile or jacket foundations. Relatively new are the floating foundations. The wind turbines of the OWF Windfloat Atlantic in Portugal  will have windfloat foundations.

ASM Industries developed the massive floating constructions with 8 MW wind turbines. The foundations will be build and assembled at a dry dock at the Portuguese coast and once finished they will be towed to the installation site.



The Windfloat Atlantic wind farm will have three 8 MW wind turbines on windfloat foundations. The foundation consists of three big columns connected together by steel framework. 



Kersten has been commissioned to produce curved profiles. After the bending process Kersten cuts the profiles to size and provides them with welding edge preparations using advanced robot cutting technology. The profiles are provided with additional cuts to fit perfectly.



Bending and cutting is carried out with the utmost care and precision. Our customer welds the bent sections together into rings at the dry dock. The rings need to fit the inside of the columns perfectly taking the internal welds and the horizontal supports into account.


Video showing the principle of windfloat turbines:



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