Oil Storage tanks

Oil storage tanks

As a consequence of the increasing demand for oil-based products, tank terminal operators have invested a great deal in the construction of new storage terminals at ports throughout Europe in recent years.

For example, the port of Amsterdam in the ARA region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) plays an important role as a logistics hub for petroleum-related product streams between Europe, North America and Asia.

Liquid and gaseous chemical and oil products are transhipped and stored in large steel storage tanks with diameters up to 85 metres.
Kersten Europe produces bent tank wall plates and arched spans for the roof construction of the tanks on behalf leading European tank builders.

Besides the bending, Kersten Europe also executes the additional welding and construction work, which enables the parts to be lifted directly into the tank under construction on arrival at the terminal.
In order to support the core activity, bending technology, in recent years Kersten Europe has invested in various additional machining operations. This makes it possible to plasma-cut large tank wall plates (12 x 3 M) to size and to immediately create the welding edges on all sides. The plates are then bent and transported to the terminal. On arrival in the terminal the plates are fitted into the tank construction and welded in place.

Besides the bending and machining of the all plates, Kersten Europe also produces complete bent profiles for tank roofs. The dimensions of the profile cross-section depend on the tank diameter. IPE 360 and IPE 400 profiles which are bent along the strong axis are frequently used for large spans.

After bending, the profiles are cut to size at Kersten Europe and welding edges are created. The flange construction is then welded onto the other side of the profile in order to facilitate attachment to the tank. This operation makes use of modern robot technology. The roof girders are now ready to be built in.

With this construction method we guarantee a high and consistent level of quality and also a cost-saving in relation to the conventional production method.

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