New departure station The Hague Erasmus line

New departure station Erasmusline, The Hague

The Hague Central Station is the last stop of the E-line (also called the Erasmus line), the tram between Rotterdam and The Hague.

A new departure station has been designed by Zwarts&Jansma architects. The station is expected to be finished by the end of 2016.

The new departure station will have an identity and distinctiveness of its own in the surroundings, it has to stand out in the metropolitan setting of The Hague New Central Station. The gigantic building complexes around the renovated Dutch Rail station call for an intervention on an appropriate scale. Moreover, the station must provide comfort for waiting passengers and protect them from the elements.
The spatial design of the roof meets these demands. The sculptural form of the roof creates a striking and distinctive object that takes the human scale into account while being able to stand up to the surrounding megacomplexes of The Hague New Central Station. There is a smooth transition from the roof to a large canopy that enables passengers to travel between the Erasmus Line departure station and the main concourse of The Hague Central Station.

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Kersten Europe

Bending the 3D shaped steel girders for the canopy is very complex. It requires special machinery, tooling and craftsmanship.

The roof construction is made out of beams 180 x 100 x 6.3 mm, 3D bent in various radii.

Kersten Europe developed special tooling and a unique technique in order to bend these large beams in exactly the right shape with just minimal deformation of the profile.

After the bending process the parts have been cut to size by using robot cutting technology.


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