Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

The number of visitors to the Leiden Naturalis museum has more than doubled in recent years. In addition, it owns more than 40 million museum objects, including a giant T-Rex. The need for more space was great. Naturalis was enlarged and given a new modern look in 2019.


New building

The old museum was completely renovated. The new building was built against the old museum and furnished with, among other things, ten new exposition rooms, a laboratory, catering facilities and a museum shop. The new building has an atrium with a special facade with an openwork structure of elliptical elements that let in a lot of light.


Elliptical window frames

A total of 234 elliptical elements are composed of curved aluminium profiles. Kersten supplied these as complete modules so that they could be installed directly on site. Kersten produced the elliptical elements by bending aluminium deck and frame profiles, mitre sawing, welding, drilling, milling and assembly.

The elements are powder coated and provided with insulators and rubbers.The frames were then carefully packed and delivered as complete assembles. Ready to build in '.


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