Material Handling Systems

Improving logistics results in faster and more efficient handling processes.

There is a growing demand for more efficient intra-logistic solutions. Better and more efficient material handling systems require more accurate bending radii of the bent components.

For example; a smooth, perfectly curved conveyor belt improves the logistic process and results in more efficiency and saves costs and time.

These material handling systems (storage systems, conveyor belts, assembly lines, sortation systems, order picking, etc.) can be used for many different industries:

  • Apparel/clothing
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverages
  • Luggage
  • Mail / Parcels
  • Wholesale
  • Etc.

The radius and tolerances of the bent components are extremely important for its function. Offset or gaps at the transition from curved to straight parts or deformation of the profile’s inside diameter influence the reliability of the overall process directly. The more accurate the bending radius, the smoother and more durable the installation.

With its extensive machine park Kersten Europe answers to the markets’ growing demand for more accurate bending.  Both light (1,5kg/m) and heavy profiles (up to 15kg/m) can be perfectly bent in small radii, over all axis. Large and heavy sections can be bent over the strong axis by using stretch bending technology. This technique is also used to bend small and fragile profiles without wrinkling the inside diameter, collapsing the outside diameter or damaging the surface.



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