LINCS Offshore Wind Farm

Kersten Europe has been awarded the production of the J-tubes and the external maintenance platforms

Approximately 8 km from the East coast of England is LINCS wind farm located. The 75 turbines with monopile foundations are spread out over an area of 41 km². The total capacity is 270 MW.

The offshore wind farm is expected to start producing electricity by the end of 2012, and fully commissioning by 2013.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe has been awarded with the production of the J-tubes and the maintenance platforms for the LINCS wind farm.

J-tubes: Kersten Europe delivers 225 bent tubes of 300x150x12mm in small radii. Ends are cut exact to size with weld preparations.

Maintenance platform: The latest generation CNC profile bending machine has been used to bend large hollow sections up to 500x500mm. After bending the sections are cut to size including welding preparations using advanced 3D contour cutting with robot technology.

Full nameLINCS offshore wind farm
Coordinates53.191 / 0.491
CountryUnited Kingdom
WaterNorth Sea
TypeOffshore Wind Farm
Total capacity270 MW
DescriptionJ-tubes and maintenance platforms


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