Library of Birmingham

Kersten Europe shapes the “Face” of the Library of Birmingham

Kersten Europe supplies the façade of the monumental Library of Birmingham. The design for the extraordinary façade was created by Mecanoo Architect from Delft, the Netherlands. A section can already be viewed in autumn/winter 2011.

The idea for the new library originates in 2008 and the opening will be celebrated five years later, in the year 2013.
The 35,000m² structure will house a library for adults, and a children’s library, a reading and study space, a health centre, multimedia and archive rooms, office and exhibition spaces, cafés and restaurants, a 300-seat auditorium which is shared with the neighbouring Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Kersten Europe was chosen from various possible suppliers for the overall concept of:

Bending – Cutting work – Drilling – Welding

and is supplying the Library of Birmingham with over 16,000 Aluminium profile items. 1,500 items sized: 150x70x4mm and 14,500 items sized 80x40x4mm, which are provided in full, half or quarter circles.


Photo credits: Arena PhotoUK /

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