King Abdullah Sports Hall

King Abdullah Sports Hall and Athletics Stadium

Sitting alongside the King Abdullah National Stadium the Sports Hall and Athletics Stadium is a significant building in its own right. The10,000-seat indoor arena is the largest of its type in the country and is designed to be used at all levels up to international competition, as well as for training. It is flexible and can be reconfigured for a wide range of sports, and can also be used for cultural events and exhibitions.

The shaded 21,000-seat stand for watching outdoor athletics is attached to the indoor arena, becoming an extension of its tented form, and so able to share facilities. The wrapped facades and roof provide another deliberate evocation of the tradition of tents in Arabic culture. Whereas it was possible to use largely natural ventilation in the stadium, the rigours of the climate require the sports hall to be air-conditioned.

Source: ARUP Associates


Kersten Middle East

For the King Abdullah Sports hall and Athletics Stadium, Kersten Middle East bent approx. 800 pc. of rectangular hollow section 100x80x4mm. The bent sections have been used for the facade construction of this stadium.

The engineers had to work very accurate since any slight deformation or damages were not allowed.

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