Kårehamn Offshore Wind Farm

Kersten Europe has been awarded the J-tube constructions for the Kårehamn Offshore Wind Farm.

Located approximately 7 km off shore, the Kårehamn Wind farm covers an area of 2 km² in the Baltic Sea of Sweden. The farm contains 16 turbines with gravity base. The total capacity is 48 MW.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

The latest technology is used for producing the J-tube constructions. For the production of bellmouths, steel plates are cut into unfolded segments by using plasma cutting. The segments are rolled into cones by CNC bending machines and welded together. Steel tubes Ø355,6 of 12,5mm thick have been rolled into J-tubes. The bellmouths and J-tubes are welded together by certified welding processes.

Full nameKårehamn Wind Farm
Coordinates56.984º - 17.022º
WaterBaltic Sea
TypeOffshore Wind Farm
FoundationGravity base
Total capacity48 MW
DescriptionJ-tube constructions



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