Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf

The Kö-Bogen is a sophisticated multi-purpose building in downtown Düsseldorf, designed by the German architect Daniel Libeskind.

Libeskind designed a modern retail and office complex that fits in seamlessly with the surrounded historic architecture of the Köenigsallee Boulevard. The building connects the beautiful city park with the historic city centre of Düsseldorf. It creates an open recreation- and pedestrian zone for office employees, tourists and shopping crowd.

The 6 story Kö Bogen offers space for offices and retail stores. The first three floors are used for fashion stores and the top three floors are used as office space.

The facade of the building reflects the context of the surrounding buildings through a combination of glass and natural (locally quarried) limestone.

On the exterior of the buildings, subtle variations in window design and types of glazing help control lighting infiltration and solar heat gain, reducing energy use inside.


Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe bent aluminium extrusion profiles with radii of 6.000 up to 20.000 mm for the curved window frames and window benches. Kersten Europe bent over 2300 pieces in various dimensions.


Photo credits header: Gediminas Karbauskis

Copyright other photos: Friedhelm Krischer / krischerfotografie 

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