Jumeirah Corniche

Jumeirah Corniche

The Jumeirah beachside starting from behind the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa up to Burj Al Arab Hotel is being transformed into a 14-kilometre stretch of paved walkway and jogging track to encourage residents and tourists to adapt a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Construction began in mid-February 2014 

Residents and tourists can hit the five-metre-wide walkway, a four-metre-wide jogging track, rest areas, retail kiosks and shaded benches overlooking the beach.


Kersten Middle East

Beautifully curved canopies will be placed along the 14kilometre long walkway offering shade to the pedestrians and joggers. The sun shades are shaped like waves (double waves and triple waves).

The double waves are 3,675mm (H) x 3,700mm (W) x 9,290mm (L)
The triple waves are 3,675mm (H) x 3,700mm (W) x 15,275mm (L)

After successful execution of test pieces, Kersten Middle East has been awarded the bending of all canopies. Kersten Middle East has been chosen because of the outstanding quality and precision delivered.

Bending these sections require highly advanced bending technology. In total 261 bent segments have been bent over the strong axis with very small radii. Rectangular Hollow Sections 200x100x8mm with radii R 2,130mm and R 3,650mm.



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