International bus station Katowice

The Polish city of Katowice invests in the future of the city. This involves: quality of life, urban planning, economic development, transport and logistics.

Part of this project is a new and modern bus station. This station will play a central role in making the city more sustainable.

The new bus station has a total area of 4.220 m² with 15 bus terminals for regional, national and international bus traffic.


Special roof structure

The bus station stands out because of its special curved roof construction.

Kersten was responsible for delivery of bent elements performed acc. to project  strict requirements. Kersten used advanced induction bending technology in which the pipe is heated locally before it is bent.

In total Kersten delivered ca. 500Tons of bent steel tube 508 x 20-30 mm in the desired geometry. Finally  the bent parts were cut to size with a 3D contour using advanced robot cutting technology.

The bus station will be opened in June 2020.

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