HelWin Alpha

Kersten Europe has been awarded the complete Cable Access Towers for High Voltage Station HelWin Alpha.

HelWin Alpha is a High Voltage platform, located in the North Sea, approximately 85 km from the German shore. It has a Mobile Jack-Up foundation (WIPOS self lifting platform).

HelWin Alpha transforms the energy generated from the offshore wind farms "MeerWind" and "Nordsee Ost" to mainland.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe delivered the complete Cable Access Towers.
The Cable Access Towers protect the power cables coming from the lower turbines going up to the platform.
Kersten Europe rolled J-tubes varying in diameters of Ø 610 mm, 355,6 mm and 244,5 mm. The bellmouths have been made out of steel plates. We cut unfolded segments and rolled them into cones of various dimensions. The edges are prepared for welding. The cones are welded together and attached to the J-tubes.

Full nameHelWin Alpha High Voltage Station
Coordinates54.452º / 7.739º
WaterNorth Sea
TypeHigh Voltage Station
DescriptionCable Access Towers


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