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Kersten Europe bends profiles for design-focused recycling system

More ergonomics and more storage room, more design and elegance. This is what is expected of modern city furniture.

Our client has been involved with the development and manufacture of functional bicycle stands, complex waste systems as well as the design of leisure facilities in German cities. Individual, tailor-made solutions are demanded more frequently than ever with regards to the design of streets and squares, pedestrian zones, parks and recreational facilities.

The aim of our client was to make a presentable DIN waste bin with a 120 litre volume, behind an aesthetic façade with further functions such as integrated ashtrays for the city and public spaces.

Rubbish bins that are equally robust and aesthetically pleasing can be implemented with Kersten Europe. The special challenge of both aspects was to bend the pre-existing aluminium profile into the new design. The bending specialists at Kersten Europe were able to do this successfully thanks to their years of experience in bending complex cross sections in very accurate radii.

Kersten Europe lights streets

Among our clients are the leading companies in the international lighting industry. Kersten Europe is particularly strongly represented in the street and public lighting, with innovative product solutions for public lighting, which is expressed in design oriented and bended lighting solutions.

The extraordinary complexity of the bending is to do with the length of the profiles (> 6m), in the radius (< 500mm) and the cross-section of the profile that is to be bended. However, in this production, the work of Kersten Europe is not finished at bending either. The internal possibility of heat treating the profiles is carried, in order to ensure that the requirements are met. In addition to this, the surface treatment as well as the coating is carried out under the supervision of Kersten Europe.

With this production, Kersten Europe proves once again, that the carrying out of special bending orders, including the further processing, is the core competence of our company and is carried out to the very highest satisfaction of our clients.

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