Green Planet Pesse

Green Planet Pesse

Along the Dutch A28 highway at Pesse, the first environmental friendly gas station, named Green Planet, is built. The idea behind the Green Planet is a broad acceptance of sustainable fuel. Besides the regular types of fuel the gas station offers bio-fuel like bio diesel, ethanol gas and green gas. For electric cars there is a charging dock station.

There is also an information centre focussed on sustainable use of energy and a deli with bio products.

Green Planet is a unique shaped gas station. The iconic green dome is made out of wood and steel. The cylinder shaped gas station shall be integrated in the canopy. The roof will be covered with solar panels.

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Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe delivers the bent steel construction for the green dome. Tube Ø323,9 mm x 12,5 mm and 18 IPE 400 have been bent over the strong axis.

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