Floating roundabout HOVENRING

Kersten Europe supplies 70m high pylon for the world's first floating roundabout.

The world's first floating roundabout is at the Heerbaan in Eindhoven and contributes to the transformation of the infrastructure of Eindhoven. Motorised commuter traffic goes underneath the roundabout, whilst the floating part is for cyclists and pedestrians.


Eindhoven City Council foresees that the developments in the surrounding area will cause a considerable increase in the traffic pressure on this junction. In order to be able to continue to guarantee the flow and safety, the existing roundabout will be converted to a sunken crossing, with a floating roundabout for cyclists on top.

The roundabout is suspended on a central pylon, which means intermediate support is not required. The 70m cigar-shaped pylon consists of 23 conic segments, which were produced by Kersten Europe. A circular bridge deck with a 72m diameter is hung on the cigar-shaped pylon, by means of 24 tethers.
At night, the bridge construction is lit up by various LED lighting units fitted on different parts of the bridge deck and in the pylon, which creates the illusion of the bridge floating.

At the production facilities in Wanssum, Kersten Europe has produced 23 conic segments, for which the following processes were carried out:

  • The exact cutting by mould and providing with welding edge preparation of 23 segments with various plate thickness ranging from 20mm to 50mm.

  • The bending of the moulds into conic parts using one of the heaviest plate bending machines.

  • Welding of the seams by qualified staff and under 100% certification. (EN-ISO-15614)

  • Providing the segment where the tethers come together with 24 slotted holes of 375x185mm to fit the tether wires on the inside of the pylon.

The 23 completed segments were then transported from Wanssum to the client Victor Buyck NV. in Eeklo Belgium. The pylon was fitted together here, in three parts. The Hovenring was opened for traffic in early 2012.

Photo credits: ipv Delft (www.ipvdelft.com)
More information: www.hovenring.com

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