Fendi Store Beverly Hills

Fendi Store Beverly Hills

Fendi is one of Italy's most luxurious fashion brands. The company is launched in 1925 in Rome by Edoardo and Adele Fendi. It started out as a fur and leather shop, but today it is a multinational luxury goods brand owned by LVMH. Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director.

There are Fendi Stores in major cities like New York, Paris, Milan and Dubai. All on A1 locations. There are three stores in Hollywood, Los Angeles.


Kersten Europe

In 2007 Fendi opened a store at North Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. The store has a beautiful facade. Kersten Europe has been asked roll the milled Corten-A plates into waves. We have also bent an aluminium cone to be placed on the side of the store.

The plates have been sent to the United States of America by plane.


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