Doha Aspire Academy - The Dome

Aspire, Qatar’s visionary Sports Academy is a unique learning environment comprising of the largest indoor sports dome in the world, a comprehensive sports education program and unprecedented facilities of international caliber.

As an elite sports institute dedicated to developing young athletes to their full potential our facilities rise above standard expectations to offer the very best for the purpose of comprehensive sports training.        

Every aspect of the institution has been designed to meet the highest international standards in terms of its facilities, equipment, teachers, coaches, staff and student-athletes.        

The Aspire Dome has the capacity to host 13 different sporting events simultaneously in a climate controlled arena providing student-athletes with unmatched opportunities to train in their main sporting discipline, while also benefiting from easy access to world class facilities for other sports. In addition to a full sized indoor football pitch. Aspire also has seven well-maintained outdoor football pitches.    



Kersten Middle East

At our Middle East production facility in Ras Al Khaimah we produce various bent sections such as: CHS, RHS, SHS, UB- and UC beams in a 2D and 3D shape.

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