Cyclist and pedestrian bridge Genk

The Flemish government started a campaign to improve dangerous spots in its infrastructure. One of the projects was creating an cycling and pedestrian bridge over the Westerring N76, a busy road at the city of Genk. This bridge allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross the road safely without having to deal with automobile trafic.

Arteum architects made a unique design for this bridge, a steel curved structure with a concrete deck. It is a real eye catcher, with beautiful curves, giving it a modern and dynamic look.

The total bridge has a length of 275 meters and its about 6 meters high.


Kersten Europe

The architectural design of this bridge is characterized by the curved tubes on both sides of the bridge.

Kersten Europe produced several parts including the curved railing tube Ø219.1 x 10/16/20 mm and the lower gutter elements, cut out of tube Ø406.4 x 8mm for client CSM.  

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