CMA CGM Tower Marseille

MA-CGM Tower

The CMA-CGM tower is located in the business area of the French city of Marseille. It is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. ‘Simplicity’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Modernity’ are the three keywords for this design.
The building process started in 2006 and it was finally finished by September 2009.

The CMA-CGM world headquarters is an iconic building which functions as the entrance to the city. By land and by sea. The building is an important part of the skyline of Marseille.  

The building is divided into two parts: the tower of approx. 58,000m2 and the additional building of 36,000m2. The 33 storeys-tower measures 174 meters and offers 2,700 work spaces with panoramic views of Marseille.


Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe engineered the unfolded segments of the complex 3D bent parts of the construction.  The plate thickness of the 85 plates (S355JR material) is 15mm and 20mm. The width varies between 150mm and 779mm and the length varies between 2245mm and 12,227mm.

The unfolded segments have been bent over both the weak and strong axis to get the complex three-dimensional shape.

The bent plates have been assembled into a 3D T-profile which shapes the front view of the facade of the CMA-CGM tower.

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