BURBO Bank Offshore Wind Farm

The bellmouths of BURBO Bank Offshore Wind Farm delivered by Kersten Europe.

The BURBO Bank Offshore Wind Farm is located in the Irish Sea, just 7 km off shore. The farm contains 25 turbines with Monopile foundations in an area of 10 km². The total power output is 90MW, enough to power over 75,000 households.

BURBO Wind Farm is the first offshore project to use the Siemens SWT-3.6-107 turbine, and the first in a series of offshore projects being built by Siemens. The Wind Farm is fully commissioned and is generating power since July 2007.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe has been asked to deliver 144 bellmouths for the BURBO Wind Farm.
Steel plates are cut into unfolded segments using plasma cutting. The segments are rolled into cones with CNC bending machines. The welding seams are made by cutting. The cones are welded together by UP or Mig-Mag welding processes.

Full nameBURBO Bank Offshore Wind Farm
Coordinates53.488° / -3.187°
CountryUnited Kingdom
WaterIrish Sea
TypeOffshore Wind Farm
Total capacity90MW


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