Bridge Suytkade

Bridge with six illuminated arches mounted at angle

The striking new bridge over the Zuid-Willemsvaart in the newly developed Suytkade district in Helmond connects the area from the south west. The bridge has a concrete substructure and a unique superstructure with three lanes for traffic and separate cycle paths on both sides.

The eye-catching arches of the completely steel superstructure were constructed by Kersten Europe bv in Wanssum (NL). The total of six semi-circular arches – three on each side – was mounted at an angle along the length of the bridge. Each arch is composed of three concentric pipes - each ø 159 mm – that are welded together with short metal partitions. Connecting rods of different lengths are fastened to the bridge deck. An LED light line is fastened along the entire length with an aluminium profile in the outermost pipe of each arch. This lighting is switched on and off simultaneously with the public lighting.

The yellow glow of this all-round line lighting contrasts beautifully with the white arches and gives the bridge its unique character, particularly in the evening hours. Each arch along this wide road and cycle bridge spans a length of 18 metres and has a highest point of six metres. The bridge has a total length of 54 metres.

Kersten Europe


The following operations were carried out by Kersten Europe in the factories in Wanssum:

  • The pipes with a diameter of 159 mm were bent into arches with a radius of 9 metres.

  • The arches were sawn to length.

  • 3 separately bent pipes were assembled into a span with the use of a total of 590 fishplates of 300 x 140 x 25 mm

  • Both ends of every span were fitted with a base plate for mounting in the concrete foundation.

  • The protective coating was applied

The 6 complete arch constructions were then transported to Helmond with a special vehicle in order to be installed.

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