Bridge Rhein-Herne canal

Since 2009, the Rhein-Herne canal is crossed by a new suspension bridge. The curved steel structure with a main span of 141 meters is suspended on the outer edge of the cross section by a cable structure fixed to a 48 meter high pylon at the northern bank. The main cables are anchored tangentially in the deck roughly 24 m before the abutments: the connection does not have additional support. 30 stainless steel hanger cables every 3 m are connected to the main suspension cables by machined clamps. In order to reduce the length of the central hanger cables, a secondary, garland-shaped suspension cable runs between the main suspension cables at midspan.



Kersten Europe

The 48 meter high pylon is made by Kersten Europe. Steel plates of 40mm thick are rolled into cylinders and cones. The cones were welded together into transportable pieces.

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