Benedictuspoort Ledesberg

Benedictuspoort Ledesberg

BenedictusPoort is a school for secundary education in Belgium which offers their students about 34 studies devided over two campuses.

In 2011 the Ledeberg campus went through a renovation. The oldest part of the building has been torn down and replaced by a brand new addition.

The addition is designed by Vandewalle, Corijn and Leyman architects and has a very unique facade. It has three globes with shield-like cladding. There are class rooms inside the globes.

Pictures by contractor:  DUGARDEIN - DE SUTTER nv  


Kersten Europe

The bent steel construction is bent by Kersten Europe. Steel profiles HEA 220 and HEB 140, 160, 200 and 280 (S235JR) have been bent. HEA over the weak axis and HEB over the strong axis.
The ends have been cut to size. 

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