Bayt Abdullah Project -The Magic Carpet-

Kersten Europe works on “The Magic Carpet” for nursing home for in Kuwait.

The Bayt Abdullah Project consists of the construction of a nursing home for children whose lives are limited or threatened by disease, and their families. The Magic Carpet is an especially designed footbridge with colourful arcs which connects the wings of the building.

Kersten Europe made a successful contribution to the Bayt Abdullah Project in Kuwait. This project was developed by the volunteer organisation “Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH)”. It includes the construction of a nursing home for seriously ill children and their families, with the aim of making the stay as pleasant as possible for children. This can be seen in the cheerful colours and the playful design.

Kersten Europe carried out work together with Kelly Steel Engineering from the United Arab Emirates for The Magic Fountain. The façade contractor is Waagner Biro from Austria, one of the largest technical design agencies involved in steel, glass and bridge constructions.

As the name suggests, Magic Carpet is a fairytale project. It is a footbridge between colourful arches which connects the different wings of the nursing home.

Kersten Europe

The work was done at the Dutch branch of Kersten Europe. The work included the bending of the tubes CHS Ø 406mm x 8mm (3D bending), CHS Ø 273 x 12.5mm (2D bending) and CHS Ø 168.5 x 12.5mm (3D bending).
In addition to the bending, Kersten Europe gave the tubes a 3D-finish and welding edge preparation, which meant the tubes connected seamlessly.

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