BARD Offshore 1

Kersten Europe has been asked to deliver the cathodic protection on behalf of the BARD Offshore 1.

The BARD Offshore 1 Wind Farm is located in the North Sea, at 101 km distance from the German shore. The farm contains 80 turbines with tripile foundations, which are spread out over an area of 59 km².

The farm is connected to BorWin 1 (alpha) High Voltage Station.

The construction of the wind turbines began in March 2010. As of August 2011, 19 of the 80 turbines had been installed and 16 turbines became operational. Construction is expected to be completed in 2013. When fully operational, the wind farm will have a total capacity of 400MW.

Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe delivered the cathodic protection for the offshore wind turbines. Cathodic protection protects the turbines from corrosion.
Kersten Europe delivered 540 cylinders Ø3410 x 15mm with a length of 3000mm.

Full nameBARD Offshore 1
Coordinates54.355°N / 5.98°E
Country     Germany
WaterNorth Sea
TypeOffshore Wind Farm
Total capacity400 MW
DescriptionCathodic protection system


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