Baltic 2

Kersten Europe provides Baltic 2 with heavy cones for monopile foundations

Baltic 2 is an offshore wind farm located in the Baltic Sea at approximately 32 km distance from the German shore. It is a 80 turbine (Siemens SWT-3,6-120) wind farm with both monopile and jacket foundations.

The 39 monopile foundations are used at a water depth of 23 to 35 meters. The 41 jacket foundations are used at 35 meters or deeper.

Baltic 2 will generate enough energy for 161000 German households. It is expected to be fully operational by 2014.

More information about Baltic 2:


Kersten Europe Renewable Energy

Kersten Europe has been awarded the heavy steel cones used for the monopile foundations.

The unfolded segments were cut out of steel plates of S355ML material (thickness 80 – 89 mm) with our newly installed cutting portal. The unfolded segments were then moved to the 2400T PowerPress to bend them into cones (180°). The CNC robot provided the heavy cones with weld edge preparations.


Full name

Baltic 2


54.982° / 13.162°




Baltic Sea


Offshore Wind Farm




Monopile and Jacket

Total capacity

288 MW


Heavy cones for monopile foundations



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