Amrumbank West

Amrumbank West is an 288MW offshore wind farm in the German part of the North Sea. It is located at 35 km North of Helgoland.

The windfarm has 80 turbines (Siemens SWT-3.6 - 120) with monopile foundations, to supply 160.000 German households with green energy.

Construction of the wind farm started in 2013, with completion and commissioning scheduled for 2015.

Power generated by Amrumbank will be transferred to the 690 MW HelWin 2 offshore converter station.



Kersten Europe

At the Polish production site of Kersten Europe we bent Rectangular Hollow Sections for the external maintenance platforms of the turbines.

Full nameAmrumbank
Coordinates54.522 / 7.708
WaterNorth Sea
TypeOffshore Wind Farm
Total capacity288 MW
DescriptionExternal platforms

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