Abu Dhabi Airport - Midfield Terminal Complex

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Midfield Terminal Complex

Abu Dhabi International Airport  is an airport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the fastest growing airports in the world in passengers, new airline operators, and infrastructure development. The airport is now undergoing an expansion. The construction of the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC) and overall expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport are vital to enable the diversification of the Emirate’s economy by fostering growth in other industries through increased connectivity.

The new MTC is located between the airport’s two runways, which also gives the terminal its name. This location allows for the quickest possible journey from runway to stand, resulting in a smoother experience for the Terminal’s passengers.
The MTC’s terminal building is the largest in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and one of the region’s most architecturally impressive structures. The complex includes approximately 28,000sqm of retail and F&B outlets. These are set around an 8,400sqm indoor park, another first for the region, which hosts Mediterranean plants and features at its centre, and desert landscapes at its edge.

Sustainable design requirements have played an important part in making the MTC an environmentally friendly building. The Terminal is designed to minimise its impact on the environment, making use of design elements such as high performance and angled glass facades to avoid heat from entering the building, making air conditioning more efficient while providing day lighting for interior spaces. 

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Kersten Middle East

Kersten Middle East delivered a large number of bent sections for the constructions of the Midfield Terminal Complex. The bent sections are used for:

* Retail pavilions
* Roof construction
* Skylights
* Front facade


Retail pavilions

38 Duty Free retail pavilions at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Kersten Middle East bent steel UB-sections 203x102x23 for the first 18 pavilions. The sections are bent in various radii. Even when radii are very tight, just like with this project, Kersten guarantees outstanding quality bending work.


Roof construction

The ceilings of the 36 pavilions at the Midfield Terminal Complex are cladded solidly to reduce the impact of the sun and to integrate in the modern sophisticated design. Underneath the cladding there is a bent construction of Rectangular Hollow Sections. Kersten delivered a total of 3.900 pieces of bent RHS 100x50x3mm with radii varying from 1.350 to 1.600. After the bending process Kersten cut the sections to length (approx. 3.250mm each).


Front facade

The impressive front facade of the Midfield Terminal Complex exists of beautifully curved RHS 200x150x6.3mm.


Skylights (11x)

Curved skylights brighten up the terminal complex. Kersten Middle East bent several hollow sections and aluminium extrusion profiles.

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