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Kersten Europe has an extensive range of modern profile bending machinery, including one of the world’s largest bending machines, the R15S. The company bends the complete series of standard construction profiles, varying from a small UNP 80 to and including a heavy HEA 1000 and even tube Ø610x20mm.

Kersten Europe is a specialist in the bending of various dimensions of pipe and tube profile with small bending radii. The specialists can also roll your client-specific framed or cylindrical profiles. Another specialty is the 3-dimensional bending of light and heavy profiles. Here, the bent profile has a radius and a gradient.

We offer the following profile bending technologies:


Profile rolling

Kersten Europe Profielwalsen

Rolling tubes and sections by three or four roller bending machines. 


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Mandrel bending


Mandrel bending is the ideal method for bending tubes in very tight radii. To prevent wrinkling on the inside radius or collapsing, the mandrel bending offers a good solution!

Mandrel bent tubing retains the same inner pipe diameter in bends. When a mandrel is used to bend a tube there is a tool inserted into it to support the tube from the inside. This prevents it from collapsing and folds. The tubes are supported from the inside with a flexible mandrel.

This is a flexible process to achieve tight radii in combination with minimal deformation of the cross section. However, this advanced bending process requires specific knowledge and special machinery and tooling.

The mandrel bending technique can be used to bend metal tubes and pipes in ferro and non-ferro alloys.

Benefits of mandrel bending:

  • Very accurate
  • Suitable for thin-walled materials
  • Small radii

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Stretch bending


Stretch bending is a bending method developed for the aerospace industry and is now used for architectural purposes as well. It is a very accurate method.

A tube or section is placed in the machine. Both ends of the tube are inserted in the gripper jaws. The tube is stretched to its yield point. Then the profile is wrapped around a form die while still being stretched. Because the machine stretches the tube, there is a constant tension on the material. This prevents crack formations on external bent sides, wave formations on surfaces and buckling on inner bent sides. After the desired radius has been reached the gripper jaws open and release the profile.

Kersten Europe is specialised in the stretch bending technique . Our machine park counts two stretch bending machine of 20 and 60 kN. Tubes and profiles with a length up to13 meters can be processed on the 60 kN stretch bending machine.

Kersten Europe offers this technology at competitive prices for short runs and projects.


In short:

The cold bending of standard and client-specific profiles in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

  • The complete series of standard construction profiles: varying from UNP 80 up to HEA 1000. Tubes up to Ø610 x 20mm
  • The bending of various dimensions of pipe and tubular profiles with small radii.
  • The rolling of client specific framed or roller-shaped profiles.
  • 3D bending, with radius and gradient, of both light and heavy tubes and sections
  • Application of the bent profiles in sectors including: offshore industry, architectural steel constructions, infrastructure, machine construction and the petrochemical.
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