Plate bending

Kersten Europe plaatbuigen

Kersten Europe rolls and bends plates of ferrous and non-ferrous metals into dishes, cylinders and cones. When specific requirements are stipulated in terms of the wear resistance, corrosion and heat resistance of the materials we use special alloys such as Creusabro, Hardox, Duplex, Inconel and clad materials.

* Plate rolling
* Press braking

Production of cones

Special shapes
Thanks to our advanced machine park and well-trained staff, we can bend dishes, cylinders and cones, as well as exceptional shapes, like concentric and eccentric cones, extensions, column plates and corner segments.

Learn more about the production of cones and conical segments in our whitepaper: how to produce a perfect cone in 7 steps. Click to download.

Kersten Europe is certified to execute various welding processes, including SA welding. The rolled shells or scale division can then be assembled and welded in accordance with various industrial standards.

Kersten Europe bends plates varying from th=1 mm up to 150 mm for various industries; a.o. architecture, offshore energy, industrial equipment manufacturing, etc.

Kersten Europe is specialised in the production of


Video cone production:

In short:

The cold bending of plate material in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
•    The production of cylinders and cones.
•    The plate thicknesses vary between 1 mm and 150 mm.
•    The maximum roller width is 3,500 mm.
•    We also use special alloys (such as Creusabro, Hardox, Duplex, Inconel and clad materials) if specific requirements are stipulate in terms of the degree of resistance to wear, corrosion and heat.
•    The bending of various special shapes such as concentric and eccentric cones, extensions, column plating and corner segments.
•    We are certified to execute various welding processes, including SA welding. The bent shells or scale divisions can be assembled and welded in accordance with industrial standards.
•    Our bent plates are used in a great many applications, including: wall building, infrastructure, the chemical and petrochemical industry, art and the offshore sector.

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Plate rolling

kersten europe walsen kegel

Plates are rolled into cylinders or cones by using a three or four plate rolling machine. 

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Press braking

Kersten Europe dikwandige conus

To bend thick-walled, heavy steel plates Kersten Europe uses the 2400T Power Press. This is one of the latest additions to the machine park and allows Kersten Europe to bend cylinders and cones with a thickness of no less than 150mm and a width of 3,500 mm.

Various parts of this machine were developed especially for Kersten Europe. This applies to the hydraulic unit, the components, the cylinders and the required bending and hoisting tools

The 2400T Power Press is an imposing machine with enormous power, without losing precision and speed. With a force of 2,400 tonnes, the stamp of the machine presses on the steel plate. With a certain smoothness and ease, a large, thick steel plate is bent into a thick-walled cone or cylinder.

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