Tuesday 04 April 2017

Perfectly curved aluminium profiles at Kersten Middle East

Aluminium is a strong and relatively lightweight type of metal with excellent formability.  It is therefore often used in a curved condition for contemporary architectural applications, such as facades and art objects.

“We noticed an increase in market demand for high quality bent aluminium profiles“, says Mike Minten, general manager at Kersten Middle East “ The investment in a dedicated aluminium bending machine is our response to this demand. It enables us to produce perfectly curved aluminium profiles”.

It has been four months since the Swiss make bending machine was installed at the Ras Al Khaimah production plant. The new CNC machine is dedicated to bending aluminium extrusion profiles in the most complex shapes and curves.

Ever since the installation the new machine is in full production. Minten is very pleased with the results. ”It meets our high standards in curving small to medium sized aluminium profiles. It allows us to bend aluminium into complex curves with just minimal deformation of the cross section and better surface quality”.

Aluminium extrusion profiles with cross sections up to 200mm can be bent with the new CNC bending machine in the most complex (3D) shapes and curves.

Contact us for more information: rak@kersten.ae

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