Thursday 20 April 2017

Kersten Europe expands its aluminium bending and processing capacities

As a specialist in bending technology, Kersten Europe continuously invests in know-how and machinery for the production of bent plates and profiles in both steel and aluminium.

Kersten Europe expands its aluminium bending and processing capacities

Drawings are made, building permits are granted, construction plans are discussed and the new machines have been ordered. A brand new production facility is being built on the terrain of Kersten Europe in Wanssum, The Netherlands.


Aluminium bending

Bending and processing aluminium is one of the core activities of Kersten Europe. Over the past 55 years Kersten gained a lot of knowledge in aluminium bending technology. “The challenge in bending aluminium is to keep deformation to an absolute minimum. Extrusion profiles have important features that have to be maintained during the bending process” explains Bram Top, Sales Engineer Aluminium at Kersten Europe. “Aluminium often has an aesthetic function as well,  so that customers set high standards to the surface quality of the material”.


Physical separation of steel and aluminium

Kersten Europe is currently building a new factory to create an additional 750 m2 of clean, non-ferro production space. “The factory will be equipped with a complete range of aluminium bending machines,  CNC processing machines and an oven to age the material from T4 to T6”, Top continues. “It allows us to improve quality and flexibility and makes processes more efficient. We can provide our customers with even better and faster service”.


Ready-to-build-in semi manufactures

Kersten Europe produces curved profiles, ready-to-build-in semi manufactures and anything in between. “We take care of bending, processing and aging, all under one roof”, says Top. “This saves time and money and our customers have only one point of contact, so lines of communication are short”. Kersten Europe bends profiles with cross sections up to 1,300mm.


Synergy with Kersten Europe Germany

Wanssum is the main location of the Kersten Group. The group has four production sites in total, of which three in Europe and one in the Middle East. “We have a dedicated aluminium factory in Germany and soon to be in the Netherlands.  The German factory is dedicated to aluminium bending and so will the new Dutch factory be as well.” states Top. “Besides rolling, we carry out other bending techniques in Germany, such as stretch bending and mandrel bending. There is a good synergy between both locations, so we can provide our customers with the best service for curved aluminium components and semi manufactures”.

The new aluminium factory is expected to be operational in September this year. A teaser video is made to give an impression of what the new factory will look like.

More information about aluminium bending technology and the additional services provided by Kersten Europe  can be found at the new website:



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