Tuesday 19 May 2020

Kersten Aluminium doubles production space in the Netherlands

Various industries benefit from the unique characteristics of aluminium. The material is light, strong and has excellent formability. Market demand for bent aluminium products and assemblies has increased enormously in recent years.

In response to this demand, Kersten Netherlands opened a special production hall for the bending and processing of aluminium profiles about two and a half years ago. A big hit; soon the factory was in full swing and Kersten invested in even more bending and machining capacities for aluminium in the Netherlands.

To prevent hampering further growth due to a lack of space, a new warehouse is currently being built. The new aluminium storage building will be located directly next to the aluminium factory.

In addition, extra production space will be created by extending the current production hall. This extension is planned during the summer closure so that the production will not be delayed.

The renovated aluminium production hall will be equipped with:

  • Aluminium bending machines
  • CNC 5-axis milling machine
  • Two automatic double mitre saws
  • Aging furnace
  • Measure table with laser
  • Additional hoist equipment
  • 4-ton forklift
  • 4-ton side loader

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