Thursday 12 July 2018

In-house aluminium training at Kersten Netherlands

Kersten opened a new factory in The Netherlands recently, in which aluminum is bent and processed in a clean non-ferrous production environment. Now that the aluminum within Kersten plays an increasingly important role, good materials knowledge is of great importance to employees. Not only with the production staff, but with the entire organization. It is important to know the properties of the material and how the material reacts. This results in a better quality, more efficient production processes and more pleasure in the work. It makes the difference between just work and real craftsmanship.

It gave plant manager Tom Broeders and project engineer Geert Zegers (IWE) the idea to write a manual about aluminum. It has become a complete handbook with information about the different types and properties of aluminum, processing and joining techniques, etc. After the handbook was finished, a corresponding lesson program was drawn up.

The training consists of 10 hours and is structured as follows:

Lesson 1: Origin, types and properties of aluminum.
Lesson 2: Machining aluminum; extruding, annealing, anodising and powder coating.
Lesson 3: Joining techniques; bolted connections, gluing, soldering and welding.

The training is given by Tom Broeders. Geert Zegers provides the lessons about the joining techniques, in which theory is alternated with practice. 

About 30 Kersten employees from various departments in the organization participated in the training. Production, sales, engineering, management, etc.

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